July 2018 Writer’s Life: Writing about recovery… and more [#yearofwriting]

July 2018 Writer’s Life: Writing about recovery… and more [#yearofwriting]

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Last month, I finally hit my goal of making $5k a month… And I am thrilled that this month was even better. It was a difficult month, however. Despite my financial goals, I want to pause and acknowledge that financial success doesn’t necessarily mean that things are going fantastically well. To be honest, it has been a bit of a struggle lately. I’ve had anxiety come up more than once due to stress outside of work (my husband and I bought a house, AHH!) and it’s been a struggle. I’m really grateful for the work that I have, and that my husband is such a great support system. And now, here’s what happened…

How much I made: $6377

This month was pretty high, to be hones, partially because I had 3 invoice periods for 21Ninety (usually it’s just two a month), so that helped to elevate me higher than normal. However, I also did some writing for VICE (not published yet) and for a not-yet-launched website. I also did my regular mitú work, which you will see plenty of as well.

The most exciting thing I did this month, though, was my work at the end of the month. When news of Demi Lovato’s relapse broke last week, I jumped at the chance to write about it because she’s kind of my recovery hero and I had a LOT to say about her. And so, I turned my passion about the subject of recovery (and relapse) into three different pieces: One for Marie Claire (a dream publication!), one for HuffPost, and another for INSIDE.

To be honest, it was a crazy, stressful week with this news and all of the work I put into it. I was emotionally exhausted and it was difficult pushing myself to put out this content on top of all the regular work I am doing. However, it was also thrilling. I told Adam several times how much I loved last week because it’s precisely doing that kind of work (being able to jump on the news with something personal that means a lot to you) that is thrilling as a freelance writer. If I was on staff somewhere, I wouldn’t have been able to do this. And so, even though being a full-time freelancer isn’t always easy or great, weeks like last week (even with their stress), make it all worthwhile.

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