Hello! And welcome to the official page of freelance writer & editor Irina Gonzalez.

Whether you stumbled here by (fortunate?) accident or came by on purpose, I bet you’re wondering: Just who is this chick with the slightly confusing name? As you may have guessed by now, I’m half Cuban, half Russian and ALL American. I’m also a proud bisexual Latina immigrant, lover of red lipstick and a sexy cat lady (or, ya know, a girl can dream?). Plus my history includes getting a gastric bypass in Colombia, which prompted me to lose 100 pounds, overcome a food phobia, fall in love with veggies and finally embrace my curves.

But you’re probably here because you saw some of my work and wanted to learn more… Right? Here it is:

Currently, I’m the Freelance Food Editor at brit.co. I’m also a regular contributor at Dose & OMGFactsMamásLatinas and more.

You can find my latest writing (and blog) under Updates and some of my favorite Published Clips above as well. In general, I enjoy writing about food (duh!), healthy living (such as weight loss, a subject near and dear to my heart), love and sex (including the bravest thing I’ve ever written), Latina life and… a few other topics. Primarily those additional topics include feminism, what life is like for millennials, recovery, travel, beauty and entertainment (like a few celeb interviews). Oh yeah, and I occasionally do videos because I love being on camera.

Beyond that, I have spent the last year focusing my writing career in the same way that I am focusing my life: to be more creative, passionate and fearless! To that end, I am about to launch a newsletter to talk about these topics more in-depth.

When I’m not working on my book Moscow Chica about growing up Cuban & Russian (for which I am currently seeking representation) or posting my recipes on Instagram, you can find me blogging here about #healthylatinfood and figuring out life after 30.

If you’d like me to write for you or you’re a PR person looking to get in touch, you can download my resume here or simply email me for more information.

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