September 2018 Writer’s Life: Slowly back to it [#yearofwriting]

September 2018 Writer’s Life: Slowly back to it [#yearofwriting]

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Well, I made it! I made it through a fairly difficult summer full of physical therapy for my recent shoulder surgery and a LOT of home repairs and stress. But I made it! Of course, this month wasn’t all that great for me (financially) but it was full of other happy things. For instance, I got a new job as a regular writer at Simplemost (yay!) and I decided to leave my editor role at 21Ninety (sad, but sometimes moving on is the best thing you can do).

And, most importantly, I moved into my new house last month and spent this month setting it up. I know that may not seem super relevant to my #yearofwriting adventures but the truth is that everything in life can affect your work and, for me, I am happy to be finally settled in my new home so that I can focus on things OTHER than the renovation stress I had last month.

How much I made: $3804

Since last month was my worst earning month of the year, it wasn’t necessarily difficult to beat that this month. Still, I was happy to see the number steadily increase even though I’m still below my monthly earnings goal of $5,000. Just to do the math, though, I wanted to see what the rest of my year might entail and if I have any chance of actually making my yearly goal. So, here we go:

Quarter 3 total: $12,463

Up-to-date total: $38,165

Year-end needs: $21835

Monthly goal: $7278

So, as you can see by the above, I made $38,165 out of the $45,000 that was my goal for the first three quarters of the year. Now, this isn’t ideal, and I am definitely very far behind right now. The way that it all works out is that I have to make just over $2k more every month for the rest of this year in order to make my income goal… And, well, I just don’t know if that’s likely.

But I’m not giving up hope! This month went well for me and next month I am primed to do even better. Maybe I won’t quite hit my goal for the year this year but, well, I’m still going to try!

What was published (by 21Ninety): 

What was published (by Simplemost): 

What was published (by Fierce by mitú): 

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