February 2018 Writer’s Life: Adjusting to changes [#yearofwriting]

February 2018 Writer’s Life: Adjusting to changes [#yearofwriting]

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Last month, I got some news that was less than stellar: My editor gig at Brit+Co was going away due to budgeting issues and my writing job at MamásLatinas is no longer happening either. So that’s basically two out of my three main forms of income disappearing right away. So, like, stress, right?

The stress definitely came right away. But I certainly wasn’t going to give up, so I formulated a plan, adjusted my 2018 writing goals, and blogged about what it was like to lose a freelancing job… and why, honestly, it wasn’t as bad as being fired/let go from a full-time job. This month, although I didn’t make as much money as last month, I am feeling good. Sure, I’m still figuring things out but that’s the nature of this business.

How much I made: $2600

One of the things I decided this past month is that I wanted to change up the layout of these posts. Since making more money is SUCH a huge focus for me in 2018, I decided to put that at the top and put my clips at the bottom. I still want to talk about what was written, and I will, but first thing’s first. The money I made this month came from a bit of work I did for Brit+Co and MamásLatinas still, HipLatina (my fave), and a new writing gig at Oxygen — which I am super excited for.

Anyway, it’s been a rocky start to the year… but I know that next month is going to be much better. I wrote two personal essays this month that were very important to me, so I hope those will be published in March. I also plan to do a LOT of pitching in March and even start a Pitching + Marketing Challenge with some writer friends. So, yeah, I think I’m starting to really rock this new freelance chapter!

What was published: 

HipLatina, specifically: 

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