Mamas Latinas: 2/6-2/12


M.I.A. flips the bird during Super Bowl Halftime show but who really cares?

Earth to Juanes: we only care about your music

Progeria Patient thanks Selena Gomez for visit (VIDEO)

Jaime Cepero is the new Latino to watch in NBC’s ‘Smash’

My favorite Ricky Martin moments on ‘Glee’

Adriana Lima stands up for Gisele Bündchen and all Latina wives should, too

Eva Mendes feels “creatively satisfied” by boyfriend Ryan Gosling

Valentine’s Day movies you shouldn’t miss

Selena lives on in “Amor Prohibido” duet and new CD (VIDEO)

Love & Sex

The secret to getting your man to be more generous

The secret kind of foreplay your man craves

14 ways to celebrate your love on Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank

In the News

How to survive a Facebook addiction

After 50 years, it’s time for the US to give up the Cuban embargo

Giants player slams Gisele for defense of Tom Brady

Ellen DeGeneres takes on JCPenney controversy with class

“Gulf of America” joke isn’t funny


6 beauty items no Latina can live without

Retouching can make you look good but how far is too far?

Why all Latina mamis need to get a massage


5 ways to get moving with your kids right now

CDC says HPV vaccine is a must for young boys. Do you agree?

Would you let your kids join Lady Gaga’s new social media site?

Money & Career

Latinos hired for 60% of new jobs in 2011

Food & Recipes

How to stay thin and still have your big family dinners

How to Latinize a Valentine’s Day Fave: Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Love farina? Get ready for your new warm breakfast obsession

Health & Fitness

Protandim: Could this miracle drug be for real?

Would you strip down to your undies for a good cause?


Latina sisters head to White House for Science Fair

Dream Act Student Resources Guide is a must read


8 cute, stylish blankets to cozy up under this Valentine’s Day


Latino Designers to watch during New York Fashion Week 2012

Mamas Latinas: 1/30-2/5


Christina Aguilera Wows us “At Last” (VIDEO)

Mario Lopez takes his pants off for Ellen (VIDEO)

Jennifer Lopez tells Marc Anthony to “be quiet,” we laugh (VIDEO)

Adriana Lima, David Beckham, Matthew Broderick star in Super Bowl commercials (VIDEO)

‘Puss in Boots’ won at the box office, but can it win the Oscar?

Sofia Vergara beats Kate Upton in sexiest woman in the world poll

Earth to Vanity Fair! Here are 19 hot Latinos taking over young Hollywood

Ricky Martin is sexy (and he knows it) on ‘Glee’ (VIDEO)

Health & Fitness

Why I’ll never call my daughter “gordita”

Why freezing away fat may be safer than sucking it out

Obvious news of the day: Eat less to lose weight

Latina with leukemia can’t afford life-saving surgery

Why I’m quitting diet soda for heart health month

How a tequila shot can save your life

My mom had an abortion and I still love her

Food & Fiestas

Eva Longoria inspires me to buy fair-trade chocolate

Real Latino fast food we love more than Taco Bell & Chipotle

How a worldwide food shortage could affect your family

Mami’s Sancocho can heal the world

Eat tortillas and save the environment, too


5 Actividades invernales en los parques nacionales que te van a encantar

Aveeno baby lotion and Britax car seats recalled

Punxsutawney Phil predicts 6 more weeks of winter–what to do with the kids


5 accessories to re-energize any room

A super easy way for your kids to play “house” (VIDEO)

6 adorable cell phone stands for your home or office

Signs for a happier, more productive (and relaxing!) home


9 Latin superfoods that will make you gorgeous


Penelope Cruz may hate fur but I sure don’t

Love & Sex

Does your Latino hubby want to be Mr. Mom?

The #1 reason every woman should report a sexual assault

Money & Career

5 best tips for eating your favorite Latino foods on a budget

Mamas Latinas: 1/23-29

Health & Fitness

Childhood obesity ads may have gone too far, but it’s a lesson Latinas need to learn

Reggaeton duo join childhood obesity fight

Why our culture keeps us from saving lives

Why I chose gastric bypass over a lap band

Being Latina IS a risk factor for heart disease, despite new study

Food & Fiestas

Will serving breakfast at Taco Bell further distance them from Mexican food?

6 favorite Latino-inspired Iron Chef battles


5 reasons we’re excited about the Oscar nominations

Why Demi Lovato quits Twitter & Selena Gomez goes to the Congo

NY Giants’ Victor Cruz is a hometown hero (VIDEO)

Danny Trejo and Rihanna get tattoos together

3 more reasons to love Ricky Martin

The Shakira and Britney Spears duet is a bad idea

Why you need to watch The Pregnancy Project with your daughter

5 Latinas to root for during the SAG Awards


Why I’m addicted to Pinterest

Why Latinas should stop stressing about the perfectly clean home


What! No Latinos on the list of porn for pregnant women


Why banning junk food in schools isn’t the only solution to childhood obesity

5 fun winter activities for Latinos in US National Parks


Why Disney’s Aladdin will look more Latino

In the News

East Haven Mayor may have tacos to help Latinos. Um, what?

Why I won’t vote for Marco Rubio as Vice President


Sofia Vergara inspired my latest beauty obsession


More Latinos are going to college and they’re studying harder, too

Family Circle 2011-2012


Stylish Belted Purses

10 Fashionable Capes

9 Perfect Leather Skirts

Stylish Calf-Length Skirts

18 Cool Sunglasses

10 Bright Colored Pants

12 Stylish Clutches

17 Fashionable Jumpsuits


Best Prom Dresses Under $100

Best Prom Jewelry Under $25

Prom Shoes Under $50

Sparkling Prom Jewelry

Stylish Bags for Prom

Stylish Prom Shoes


10 Feel-Good Playlists

10 Valentine’s Day Playlists


I got a new job!

Well, it’s been just a little over a year at a fantastic job as web assistant at Family Circle. I’ve loved every minute of it but now it’s time for me to move on. Starting next week I’m going to be a staff writer at a newly launched site from Cafe Mom, Mamas Latinas. I’ll be writing a lot so I’ll be putting up more here, since it’s a good way to share my writing. You’re still welcome to check out my published clips, where I’ll be posting the best of the best, and I’ll still be blogging about health and recipes on The Fit Flexitarian. In the meantime, feel free to contact me since I’m always looking for more writing opportunities!

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