Family Circle 2011-2012


Stylish Belted Purses

10 Fashionable Capes

9 Perfect Leather Skirts

Stylish Calf-Length Skirts

18 Cool Sunglasses

10 Bright Colored Pants

12 Stylish Clutches

17 Fashionable Jumpsuits


Best Prom Dresses Under $100

Best Prom Jewelry Under $25

Prom Shoes Under $50

Sparkling Prom Jewelry

Stylish Bags for Prom

Stylish Prom Shoes


10 Feel-Good Playlists

10 Valentine’s Day Playlists


I got a new job!

Well, it’s been just a little over a year at a fantastic job as web assistant at Family Circle. I’ve loved every minute of it but now it’s time for me to move on. Starting next week I’m going to be a staff writer at a newly launched site from Cafe Mom, Mamas Latinas. I’ll be writing a lot so I’ll be putting up more here, since it’s a good way to share my writing. You’re still welcome to check out my published clips, where I’ll be posting the best of the best, and I’ll still be blogging about health and recipes on The Fit Flexitarian. In the meantime, feel free to contact me since I’m always looking for more writing opportunities!

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