Mamas Latinas: 4/9-4/15


Jennifer Lopez’s boyfriend Casper Smart is the luckiest birthday boy in the world

Ozzie Guillen’s “love” for Fidel Castro gets him suspended for 5 MLB games

Dear Lisa Lampanelli: It’s NEVER OK to call ANYONE a “spic”!

‘The Three Stooges’ star Sofia Vergara’s 5 funniest slapstick comedy moments (VIDEOS)

Esperanza Spalding rocks ‘The Daily Show’ & makes me a fan! (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez make me want to find my own “puppy love”

Justin Bieber y Selena Gómez me hacen añorar un amor de adolescentes o “puppy love”

Food & Fiestas

The 5 most insane taco recipes you will ever see!

How to go gluten-free on a Latin diet

¿Como hacer una dieta libre de gluten, si eres latina?

¡Las 5 recetas más locas de taco que jamás has visto!

We need to kick McDonald’s out of hospital cafeterias

Hot dog crust pizza, bacon sundaes and more gross fast food you should NEVER eat

Move over pink slime, contaminated chicken is the latest grocery store evil!

More gross food news: kid’s lunch school burgers and airplane snacks not safe

¡Entonces que coman cactus! 3 recetas deliciosas de nopales

Health & Fitness

Perez Hilton loses 80 pounds, shows off his dramatic new look!

Genetics and junk food are both to blame for childhood obesity problem

Get off your butt! 4 easy ways to incorporate more exercise into your life

What is the secret new sugar alternative that Dr. Oz recommends?


Hide the kids! The 6 most obnoxious toys on the planet

WOW! Toy catalog takes on gender stereotypes for kids


5 adorable & easy DIY centerpieces for Spring

Would you light a candle to Saint Amy Winehouse of Guadalupe?!

Easy DIY project: learn how to make pillows out of old scarves

Money & Career

3 ways to conquer your scariest finance obstacles

The MamásLatinas guide to last minute tax prep

7 things you should splurge on with your tax refund

In the News

Ozzie Guillen & 5 Latinos who have felt the wrath of Miami Cubans

Anderson Cooper’s latest Dyngus Day giggle fit makes me love him even more!


Travel smart while you’re pregnant & you can avoid catastrophe

Love & Sex

Good news, girls! Experts say vaginal orgasms DO exist

Why your hubby getting a “man wax” might not be so bad


Excuse me, magazine, but “chola” fashion story is extremely offensive

Mamas Latinas: 4/2-4/8


How to give your skin that glow


Remembering ‘Queen of Tejano’ Selena, 17 years after her untimely death

Recordando a Selena, ‘Reina de la música tejano’, 17 años luego de su muerte

Pitbull: The making of a musical legend

Victor Cruz loves the new NFL uniforms and so do neon-wearing Seattle Seahawks

A Víctor Cruz le encantan los nuevos uniformes de la NFL

Jennifer Lopez’s new video ‘Dance Again’ featuring Pitbull just premiered on American Idol!

Ricky Martin is insecure and 5 other things you didn’t know about the mega star

The 5 funniest Latinas EVER on SNL before Sofia Vergara (VIDEOS)

Food & Fiestas

3 delicious meatless Good Friday recipes

Are foodie kids any better than picky kids?

Make Good Friday yummy with these Latin-inspired vegetarian recipes

Happy Caramel Day! 3 ridiculously delicious dulce de leche desserts

3 Delicious recipes for all those hard-boiled Easter eggs


What we can all learn from World Autism Day

The coolest, most fun playgrounds in the world for children of any age!

Miracle baby born with “no blood” alive and well after 6 months

Why do we lock up our little girls indoors?

Health & Fitness

New Facebook app will let you (and everybody else) know if you have an STD!

Just how bad is sugar? As addicting as cocaine!

You might be obese and it can make your baby overweight, too!

Weight Loss challenge day #10: 5 surprising benefits of taking a stroll on National Walking Day

Common birth control method can double your risk of breast cancer—but broccoli can help!

How to use your baby to lose post-pregnancy weight (VIDEO)

What we need to learn from this abuela on World Health Day


8 Spring floral accessories to brighten up your home

Redecorating made easy! The cheapest way to update your home

Upgrade with 7 home accessories in the hottest color of the Spring: Tangerine!

In the News

Selena Gomez, Jessica Alba & Christina Milian love Instagram and you will too!

Why don’t Arizona schools want kids to learn Mexican-American history?


Firefighters win lotto, donate money to colleague with brain tumor, teach us all about LOVE

Barbie is becoming a Latina and running for President!


You’ll NEVER guess what America’s most renewable resource is!

Mamas Latinas: 3/26-4/1

Food & Fiestas

3 Latin desserts perfect for your Easter celebration

Let them eat cactus! 3 delicious nopales recipes

What’s the secret Latin ingredient in Starbucks strawberry frappuccino? It’s gross

3 delicious ways to enjoy South American quinoa


‘Mad Men’ star eats her baby’s placenta–Would you?

Health & Fitness

Debunking 4 common post-pregnancy fitness myths

Adiós mitos sobre el ejercicio durante el postparto

Would you try the new dieting fad, Fork It?

Coffee lovers rejoice! Bean extract linked to weight loss

Weight loss surgery can cure diabetes…within hours!

Autism rates among Latino children increased 110 percent

Does Facebook make my butt look big?

Niveles de autismo entre niños latinos aumentó un 110 porciento


The hidden poison in your home that could kill your kids

Would you feed your baby bird-style like Alicia Silverstone does?

Trayvon Martin ‘hoodie’ comment is only the latest in Geraldo Rivera’s controversies

Michelle Duggar has enough rooms to not believe in overpopulation

I want that! Silly hats for cute babies

Are prom dresses becoming too revealing?


Spice up any kids bedroom with bright pops of orange & white!

All Mamás Latinas should have their own mom cave!


The best Jennifer Lopez-inspired neon styles for spring!

5 super cute, ‘Mad Men’-inspired dresses you’ll love

In the News

Marco Rubio rewrites DREAM Act, leaves dream out


Selena Gomez records duet with namesake Selena Quintanilla, “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom”

Mamas Latinas: 3/19-3/25


What Latino kids can learn from ‘Hunger Games’

World’s craziest wedding gown has a 2-mile-long train!

Would you go see message film ‘October Baby’?

¿Te identificarías con el mensaje anti aborto de la película October Baby?

Food & Fiestas

3 Latin desserts better than plain doughnuts (RECIPES)

You can make crispy tostadas—in the microwave! (RECIPE)

Forget Taco Bell’s 50th anniversary, try homemade Mexican fast food: Tostilocos!

The Hunger Games Menu: 3 Latin lamb dishes Katniss would love

Latino chefs have been nominated for the James Beard awards, the Oscars for foodies


Easy & fun family crafts for the first day of Spring!

Manualidades fáciles y divertidas para celebrar la primavera en familia

Upgrade your home look with a DIY throw pillow project

Mejora el look de tu casa con un cojín hecho por ti

Brighten up your home this Spring with fuchsia!

Health & Fitness

The surprising food behind urinary tract infections

These 5 simple tricks are the key to losing weight

The terrible way being overweight can affect your unborn baby

14-year-old girl dies from “caffeine toxicity” after drinking 2 energy drinks

Jennifer Lopez reveals her true dress size! (VIDEO)


Want to gross out your daughter? Throw her a period party!

Is this teacher too sexy for school?

Watch out, moms! Child Safety locks recalled


Queso fresco recalled after pregnant woman tests positive for Listeria

Recogen queso fresco del mercado por haber contagiado con listeria a una mujer embarazada

New study finds that pregnancy after breast cancer is safe


The vernal equinox is a great time to balance your life out


First day of Spring shopping guide: Bright-colored pants!

Can costume jewelry be dangerous?

Salvadorean designer Oscar Fierro eliminated from ‘Fashion Star’ for “hoochie” designs

Is buying disposable clothing ever worth it?

In the News

Eva Longoria tells Latinos that Mitt Romney is “on the wrong side of every issue”

Is paranormal activity to blame for loud booming sounds in Clintonville, WI?

5 toys Republican candidates can play with that are cooler than an Etch-a-Sketch


Teenage girl becomes real living doll, freaks everyone out

Mamas Latinas: 3/12-3/18

Food & Fiestas

4 reasons why Latinas throw the best parties

4 razones por las que las latinas dan las mejores fiestas

“Pink slime” may be hiding in your ground beef

The perfect NCAA March Madness snack: Mario Lopez’s beer queso nachos

Celebrate Pi Day with this delicious pie recipe!

Want to get pregnant? Feed your man some fish! (RECIPES)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day: Corned beef & cabbage, Latin style (RECIPE)

Schools can now choose whether to serve “pink slime” beef

Slainte! Salut! 3 Latin cocktails better than green beer

3 slow cooker carnitas taco recipes you’ll love


Khan Academy makes learning about ANYTHING easier!

Should you raise your kids in a city?

Would you camp out to get your kid into a good school?

In the News

The Girl Scouts have rocked for 100 years (and it’s not all about the cookies!)

Brown recluse spider bite nearly blinds Latina

Picada de araña por poco deja ciega a una mujer latina


Cool dad Benjamin Bratt and son share “boys night” at Hunger Games premiere

‘Dark Shadows’ trailer with Johnny Depp restores my faith in vampires

Bruno Mars becomes first Latino man to grace cover of Playboy

I don’t care how funny ‘Casa de mi Padre’ is, I won’t watch it

Health & Fitness

Red meat will kill you…eventually

Playtex unveils the super faja: shapewear that can help you lose weight, reduce cellulite!

Could eating potatoes give you breast cancer?

Health officials recommend less pap smears, yearly OBGYN visits still a must

The two reasons why you are overeating

Why more awareness of Williams Syndrome is good for Latinos


Undocumented immigrant wins 750k in lottery and gets to keep it!

Toddler picks winning lottery card, mom gets a cool $1 million


Decorate your baby’s nursery with this adorable DIY wall art

Make Spring Cleaning fun with these colorful organizing tools

Organizar tu casa esta primavera es much más fácil (y divertido) de lo que pensabas

Teach the kids about your home country with this easy DIY project


Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie and new Latino designer rule Fashion Star

Famed Colombian designer busy making guayaberas for President Obama

Money & Career

5 ways moms can get more done at work and home

Love & Sex

Ladies’ man Wilmer Valderrama reveals his true feelings about exes Demi Lovato, Mandy Moore, Lindsay Lohan

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