Mamas Latinas: 3/5-3/11


Buckyballs are toys for adults, so how did a toddler swallow 37?

All Latinas should be outraged at the TSA for breast milk blunder

5 reasons why Latina moms rule International Women’s Day

In the News

Does Super Tuesday really matter for Latinos?

Health & Fitness

Is an artificial pancreas the answer for diabetes sufferers?

Costa Rica may ban public smoking and it’s a GREAT idea

Change your DNA with exercise!

The vitamin Latina moms & kids aren’t getting enough of

Shocking trend: Teen smoking is a major problem

Can daylight savings time kill you?

Want to know what’s really making us fat?


iPad 3 is coming soon–pick up these cute stands!

Why doesn’t the new iPad speak Spanish?

Eat less with these 6 cute blue plates

Hot home trend we LOVE: Urban Hacienda style

Abuela’s best spring cleaning tips

Los mejores consejitos de limpieza de mi abuela

Food & Fiestas

Why you should be worried about your picky eater

3 Latin slow cooker recipes

Why are schools feeding kids the “pink slime” meat rejected by McDonalds?

Meet Hollywood’s hottest Latino chef


Snooki’s pregnancy is the best thing that ever happened to MTV

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are WAY too young to be shacking up!

Jessica Simpson, pregnant & naked: Could you do the same?

‘American Idol’ recap: Jennifer Lopez’s fave Jeremy Rosado voted off


Is the new FDA-approved cellulite treatment for you?


Spring jewelry trend we love: colorful bangles

Mamas Latinas: 2/27-3/4


Moms don’t slack at work and now there’s proof

Why abstinence-only education never has, can or will work


Esperanza Spalding–and a bunch of other Latinos–steal the 2012 Oscars

Pitbull rocks the NBA All-Star game halftime show (VIDEO)

The real Oscar red carpet was the Vanity Fair party (PHOTOS)

Making fun of J.Lo’s “nip slip” on ‘American Idol’ was mean


Penelope Cruz’s Oscar hair is my new ‘do

Money & Career

7 best ways to save (and get a free cookie!) on Leap Day

Health & Fitness

Can the African mango help you lose weight?

Cholesterol control drug Statin may cause memory loss and diabetes, FDA warns

Can walnuts prevent Alzheimer’s disease?


La moda de los Academy Awards fue nada en comparación con lo que se vió luego (FOTOS)

Jewelry trend any Latina can love: Two-finger rings


¡Pon alegría en el cuarto de los niños con el naranja y el blanco!

Are your eco-friendly light bulbs dangerous?

Cute baby mobiles any Mamá Latina would love (plus how to make your own)

In the News

Ohio school shooting proves kids should have phones in school

Juan Pablo Montoya crash sets off massive explosion and fire at Daytona 500

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch may be coming to your home

Federal judge says anti-smoking images are First Amendment violation

Food & Fiestas

Why are new Dairy Council ads bad-mouthing coconut milk?

How to get your kids to eat more vegetables

3 delicious ways to use Tapatio hot sauce on their 40th anniversary

Celebrate Pig Day with this Pernil recipe


Student runs for president at Texas A&M despite undocumented status

5 things I am doing for the unofficial first day of Spring

Love & Sex

Would you ever accept an online proposal?

Mamas Latinas: 2/20-2/26


Watch a samba-style Beatles classic at Carnaval (VIDEO)

Why Katniss Everdeen of “The Hunger Games” should be Latina

Sorry Sacha Baron Cohen, dictators aren’t always funny

JK Rowling’s new book for adults is good for kids too

5 videos to get you giggling this Friday

Love & Sex

Rihanna and Chris Brown aren’t the only celebrity couple that shouldn’t get back together

Food & Fiestas

Does trendy kombucha tea really have health benefits?

Celebrate National Margarita Day with these classic, sweet and spicy versions

Taco Bell’s new Spanglish slogan is ridiculous

Health & Fitness

The heart attack symptoms every Latina needs to know about

Why taking weight-loss drug Qnexa is a terrible idea

Why mothers need to watch out for migraines

Por qué tomar la droga Qnexa para perder peso es una malísima idea

Would you give up your high heels or tight jeans for health?

Is a cleanse diet the best way to feel better and get rid of toxins?


Colorful handprints makes decorating with your kids fun


Eva Longoria is trying to help you make more money

Eva Longoria está tratando de ayudarte a ganar más dinero

In the News

Why Facebook’s new “ethnic” tab is a bad idea

Mamas Latinas: 2/13-2/19


The best (and worst) moments of the 2012 Grammys

Is Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton Mark Sanchez’s new girl?

Jennifer Lopez’ ‘Q’Viva!’ coming to Fox is a win for all Latinos

5 can’t-miss performances from 2012 Premio Lo Nuestro (VIDEO)


Peruvian uncle gives quadruplet babies a guitar concert (VIDEO)

Teen victims of dating violence likely to suffer from other abuse, too

Money & Career

Working moms vs working women: why a wage gap is a big problem

Food & Fiestas

The perfect Valentine’s dessert: Choco-flan

Trader Joe’s signs Fair Food Agreement with Latino tomato pickers

Would you buy organic food from Spain if you could?

3 Latin dishes you can cook and freeze

How to make abuela’s moros y cristianos

Health & Fitness

Eating disorders run in families; talk about it today

Mars candy joining the fight against obesity


Christina Milian’s looking hotter than ever on ‘The Voice’

Quick fixes for frizzy hair!

How to repair damaged hair overnight

All you need is 20 minutes to get your best body ever


Forget Kate Upton, these 2 Latina Sports Illustrated models inspire us!

Latina plus size dancer to represent “chubby women around the world” at Carnaval

Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week with your kids

‘American Idol’ alum Travis Orlando inspired to go back to school


What you can learn from Sara Ramirez’s style on ‘The View’ (VIDEO)

Latina designer Isabel Toledo releasing style memoir


Choose a color palette for your home with this new app

5 things we can learn from the gorgeous Latin family home in LA

Want to know how celebrities REALLY live? Take a look!

Mamas Latinas: 2/6-2/12


M.I.A. flips the bird during Super Bowl Halftime show but who really cares?

Earth to Juanes: we only care about your music

Progeria Patient thanks Selena Gomez for visit (VIDEO)

Jaime Cepero is the new Latino to watch in NBC’s ‘Smash’

My favorite Ricky Martin moments on ‘Glee’

Adriana Lima stands up for Gisele Bündchen and all Latina wives should, too

Eva Mendes feels “creatively satisfied” by boyfriend Ryan Gosling

Valentine’s Day movies you shouldn’t miss

Selena lives on in “Amor Prohibido” duet and new CD (VIDEO)

Love & Sex

The secret to getting your man to be more generous

The secret kind of foreplay your man craves

14 ways to celebrate your love on Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank

In the News

How to survive a Facebook addiction

After 50 years, it’s time for the US to give up the Cuban embargo

Giants player slams Gisele for defense of Tom Brady

Ellen DeGeneres takes on JCPenney controversy with class

“Gulf of America” joke isn’t funny


6 beauty items no Latina can live without

Retouching can make you look good but how far is too far?

Why all Latina mamis need to get a massage


5 ways to get moving with your kids right now

CDC says HPV vaccine is a must for young boys. Do you agree?

Would you let your kids join Lady Gaga’s new social media site?

Money & Career

Latinos hired for 60% of new jobs in 2011

Food & Recipes

How to stay thin and still have your big family dinners

How to Latinize a Valentine’s Day Fave: Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Love farina? Get ready for your new warm breakfast obsession

Health & Fitness

Protandim: Could this miracle drug be for real?

Would you strip down to your undies for a good cause?


Latina sisters head to White House for Science Fair

Dream Act Student Resources Guide is a must read


8 cute, stylish blankets to cozy up under this Valentine’s Day


Latino Designers to watch during New York Fashion Week 2012

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