How to make a Holiday Survival Smoothie [RECIPE]

How to make a Holiday Survival Smoothie [RECIPE]

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About two years ago, I became a little obsessed with smoothies. I had just gotten my very first high-powered blender (Thank you, Ninja Kitchen!) to test for work, and I fell in love.

Shortly after, I went home for Christmas and came back with a ton of fruit from my mom’s garden. I started blending, blending, blending and a smoothie breakfast became pretty standard in my house.

After many smoothie experiments, most of which I have truly enjoyed, I came up with what I think is by far my favorite smoothie ever: a blend of banana, avocado, apples and kale. Time and again, I go back to this one because of how creamy and filling it is.

Although I typically make it with Greek yogurt as a base, last year I developed this “survival” smoothie recipe using coconut water and almond milk. It’s completely vegan, gluten-free and great for when you’re feeling sluggish thanks to all of the holiday eating. In fact, I now can’t get through the busy holiday season (or the new year) without relying on this smoothie to power me through.


Check out my Holiday Survival Smoothie recipe on SheKnows!

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