Quarter 3 of 2019 Writer’s Life [#yearofwriting]

Quarter 3 of 2019 Writer’s Life [#yearofwriting]

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Well, how do I want to start talking about Q3 of 2019 in terms of my writing life only to say that it was possibly the most tiring period of my entire life so far. And why? Well… because I am pregnant! Yes, I know this isn’t related to writing but it is actually related to my life and, thus, related to my writing.

Most of all, there is one big thing that I realized this quarter: That you can have all of the best intentions in the world when it comes to writing and deadlines and being the best freelancer you can… But, sometimes, life throws you a big grenade that blows up all of your plans and pretty much forces you to slow down. And that is what I have been having to do, slowly but surely, since getting pregnant again. I’ve been forced, for the first time in my life, to truly slow down my work pace and focus on my life.

How much I made: $4,000

One of the best things about this quarter is that, thanks to the work I did in establishing some good relationships with editors earlier in the year, I mostly had a lot of work coming in thanks to O! The Oprah Magazine and Glamour. That has honestly been a pleasure and an unexpected joy. But, as the first trimester of pregnancy wore on, it became more and more difficult to keep up my regular pace of work and I have slowly had to do less and less. Which has, in all honesty, been a personal disappointment for me. But I’m also trying to be understanding and gentle with myself, so even though I didn’t make as much money this quarter as I hoped to have made, I know it’s for a good reason. I’m growing a human, after all!

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