Mamas Latinas: 7/9-15

Mamas Latinas: 7/9-15

Food & Fiestas

Huge meat recall: How to keep your family safe from beef & chicken products

How to make a dulce de leche ice cream float (RECIPE + VIDEO)

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Health & Fitness

Kate Upton is NOT a fatty

Stop fighting with your family over food!

The world’s largest real breasts weigh in at 85 lbs! (VIDEO)

Family bands together & loses over 200 pounds!


A jet-ski accident leaves Usher’s stepson brain dead & I can’t imagine the mother’s pain

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Pedophile selling kiddy porn at Wendy’s drive-through proves sickos will do anything for a fix


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5 Beauty products that flatter every Latina!

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In The News

Did you ever think your neighbor’s python might eat your baby?

Could your pet store fish actually be the testicle-eating pacu?


I would never go braless, not even on National No Bra Day!

5 Amazing cross-body bags inspired by Zoë Saldana’s summer style! (PHOTOS)

Alec Baldwin’s Latina wife wears backless wedding dress and a mantilla! (PHOTOS)


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Love & Sex

Breaking News: Sofia Vergara is ENGAGED!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ star Sara Ramirez is married!

World’s largest woman loses almost 100 pounds with SEX marathons!

Yikes! The 5 scariest sex toys, ever!


5 Ways to use old toys to decorate your home (CRAFTS)