Mamas Latinas: 6/11-17

Mamas Latinas: 6/11-17

Food & Fiestas

Meatless Mondays: Lessons from my vegetarian cooking class

5 Cocktails to celebrate international cachaça day!

Taco Bell FINALLY gets it right, hires Latina chef for new cantina menu (VIDEO)

I love my papi because he catches (and cooks) shark for me! (EXCLUSIVE RECIPE)

3 Delectable steak recipes to make for Father’s Day! (VIDEOS)

Health & Fitness

We eat junk food when we’re sleepy

Here’s what I REALLY want Cameron Diaz to write a book about


Tony Awards style: How to get Cote de Pablo’s gorgeous look

3 easy eyeliner tutorials that will make your peepers pop! (VIDEOS)


4 Latinas to watch in the reboot of TV’s family drama ‘Dallas’ (FOTOS)

Why is Latina Vanessa Bryant staying with her cheating hubby, Kobe?!

Salma Hayek’s 10 sexiest roles (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

I can’t wait to see the Latinas catfight on the new ‘Dallas’ reboot! (RECAP)


5 Adorable sequin dresses to wear to summer weddings!

5 Bright blazers to complete your summer look! (PHOTOS)

5 Cute summer polka dot dresses inspired by Jessica Alba! (PHOTOS)

Camila Alves’ wedding dress designer has been planning it for 20 years!

What do your shoes say about your personality? (PHOTOS)


Snooki needs to get over herself and breastfeed her baby!


5 Things I STILL let my abuela do for me


Here’s the REAL reason that your teens are so grumpy!

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