Mamas Latinas: 1/23-29

Mamas Latinas: 1/23-29

Health & Fitness

Childhood obesity ads may have gone too far, but it’s a lesson Latinas need to learn

Reggaeton duo join childhood obesity fight

Why our culture keeps us from saving lives

Why I chose gastric bypass over a lap band

Being Latina IS a risk factor for heart disease, despite new study

Food & Fiestas

Will serving breakfast at Taco Bell further distance them from Mexican food?

6 favorite Latino-inspired Iron Chef battles


5 reasons we’re excited about the Oscar nominations

Why Demi Lovato quits Twitter & Selena Gomez goes to the Congo

NY Giants’ Victor Cruz is a hometown hero (VIDEO)

Danny Trejo and Rihanna get tattoos together

3 more reasons to love Ricky Martin

The Shakira and Britney Spears duet is a bad idea

Why you need to watch The Pregnancy Project with your daughter

5 Latinas to root for during the SAG Awards


Why I’m addicted to Pinterest

Why Latinas should stop stressing about the perfectly clean home


What! No Latinos on the list of porn for pregnant women


Why banning junk food in schools isn’t the only solution to childhood obesity

5 fun winter activities for Latinos in US National Parks


Why Disney’s Aladdin will look more Latino

In the News

East Haven Mayor may have tacos to help Latinos. Um, what?

Why I won’t vote for Marco Rubio as Vice President


Sofia Vergara inspired my latest beauty obsession


More Latinos are going to college and they’re studying harder, too

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