Mamas Latinas: 12/10-16

Mamas Latinas: 12/10-16

Food & Fiestas

Latin ingredient of the week: Flour tortillas (VIDEO RECIPE)

Latin slow cooker: Delicious low-calorie pernil (RECIPE)

3 Easy holiday cocktail tips from a top Latino bartender (EXCLUSIVE)

Health & Fitness

How to lose weight during the holidays without dieting

7-year-old girl may hold the key to a cure for leukemia (VIDEO)

Family bands together to help 9-year-old lose 66 pounds! (VIDEO)

Childhood obesity rates drop in cities for the first time EVER!

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Beer may be the secret to curing your winter cold!

In The News

Inhumane waiter labels Latinas “fat girls” on their restaurant bill (VIDEO)

Overzealous security guard shoots mom dead for shoplifting at Walmart (VIDEO)

Latina caught with cocaine-filled breast implants!

Drunk woman tries to shoot husband when she learns he likes porn

Love & Sex

Mami was right: men really DO love mean women!

Our 15 best sex & love tips tips of 2012

Couple marry nine years after meeting through a wrong phone number

Scientists finally have proof that homosexuality is passed down from parents

Millionaire’s Christmas wish for a Latina girlfriend gets whopping 15,000 replies! (VIDEO)


Incredible Latina mom rescues hundreds of sex slaves in a crusade to save her daughter

Meteorologist receives tons of support after defending her ethnic hair against racist attacks


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