Mamas Latinas: 10/15-21

Food & Fiestas

Latin ingredient of the week: Calabaza squash (RECIPE)

Hispanic Heritage Month: 21 Recipes from all of our countries!

5 Delicious Latin pumpkin & bacon recipes you’ll LOVE!

How to pickle peppers & other Latin vegetables (VIDEO)

5 Tomatillo recipes for weight loss!

4 Easy & quick Latin recipes from morning to night!

National Chocolate Cupcake Day: 5 Delicious recipes with a Latin twist

Latin slow cooker: How to make pork loin (VIDEO)

6 Super easy Latin slow cooker breakfasts to wake up to! (RECIPES)

Health & Fitness

Get up off your butt or it could kill you!

Too little sleep will REALLY make you fat!

Breaking news: HPV vaccine does not make girls sex-crazed maniacs

¡Oye! with Johanna Torres: Extreme diets & weight loss (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Can you literally be bored to death?

This easy tip can help you lose weight while watching TV!

In The News

Horrible man stabs his abuelita 111 times! (VIDEO)


Stop stressing out during your pregnancy, it could make you a bad mom!


Ryan Lochte in the role he was meant to play on ’30 Rock’ (VIDEO)

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ recap: Sara Ramirez makes a very difficult decision for her daughter

Dexter’s Lauren Veléz inspired by mami for new La Lupe biopic (EXCLUSIVE)


The real-life doll trend has gone too far

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