How to make a Cuban Meaty Potato Stuffing [RECIPE]

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It’s just a few days before Thanksgiving! WOO HOO!

Although Halloween is actually my favorite holiday and Christmas is a close second, there is something truly special about Thanksgiving for me. You see, my family has a really fun and sweet tradition where our meal always consists of a hodge-podge of American, Russian and Cuban recipes. It’s always a mix and it’s always a good time.

This year I was lucky enough to be asked to contribute one of my family’s recipes with one of my FAVORITE food sites, The Kitchn. They did a very special package of immigrants sharing their stories through Thanksgiving stuffing… and of course I had to contribute.

Check out my recipe and story: Cuban Meaty Potato Stuffing on The Kitchn today. And don’t forget to read all Four Stories of the New World, Told in Stuffing too!

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(Image by Diana Yen/The Kitchn)

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