Quarter 2 of 2019 Writer’s Life [#yearofwriting]

Quarter 2 of 2019 Writer’s Life [#yearofwriting]

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This quarter of my writing life was filled with a lot of ups and downs. In particular, I had a pretty major personal up and then down when I got pregnant and then miscarried in the month of April. That was very disappointing but, at the same time, it somehow filled me with renewed energy and led to one of my favorite essays I’ve ever written. Remember how I like taking difficult topics and turning them into essays? Yeah, this is a prime example of that. Still, it wasn’t easy…

How much I made: $6,575

I made pretty decent money this quarter, and that makes me happy. However, this begins to officially mark the part of the year where my freelance income is going to start looking a little fuzzy since the bulk of my work and money is via The Temper, where I am the new Managing Editor — a job I am absolutely thrilled to have. However, that role isn’t included here since it’s not technically freelance income.

The other thing you will see in this quarter is that I have started to write more for both O! The Oprah Magazine and Glamour, two of my favorites. As we start the latter half of the year, I am excited to see what these two new relationships will bring. Perhaps I will continue to write regularly for them, and that will make me pretty happy to be honest. Of course, with The Temper taking up more of my time, I’m not sure. In the meantime, I am enjoying where I am at… while I continue to heal from my miscarriage because, let’s face it, you can’t just put away personal problems in the face of work (even work you love).

What was published:

What was published (The Temper):

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