Mommy Needs Therapy with Irina Gonzalez

After becoming a mom, journalist Irina Gonzalez struggled more than ever with anxiety, depression, and a late-in-life ADHD diagnosis.

In Mommy Needs Therapy, Irina sets out to understand the realities of parenting while also dealing with your own sh*t. Together, we’ll explore how stigma keeps us from seeking help and hear from other parents about their mental health ups and downs. Plus, you’ll get some relief from “mom guilt” and a tip on taking care of yourself in this increasingly chaotic world. Let these weekly episodes remind you that you’re not alone. (Formerly the Pandemic Mama podcast)
Mommy Needs Therapy: a mental health podcast by Irina Gonzalez

Real talk about navigating mental health as a parent. 

– from Mommy Needs Therapy with Irina Gonzalez podcast

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