My coming out story

My coming out story

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I’m coming out!

Well, not really. The truth is that I have been “out” for a very long time. But my bisexuality isn’t really something I talk about all that often, and it’s not because I am ashamed (far from it) or anything like that, but simply because I just don’t have all that much to say about it at this point. It is part of who I am, in the same way that being Russian and Cuban or being a writer is integral to my personal sense of self.

Okay, I’m bi. Great! Whatever.

The only time I really talk about it is in personal conversations with friends, when you can likely find me ranting about the perception of bisexual people in the media (not pretty) or in online dating (no, couple on OKCupid, I do not want to join you).

But when a friend (and fellow writer) Amaris Castillo asked me to share my coming out story for, I jumped at the chance. It’s not necessarily a pretty story, but it’s not horrible either.

So, if you’re curious, here is what it was like for me to come out as bisexual to my parents back in 2003, when I was 17. Enjoy!

Oh, and my parents and I have a good relationship now. You know, in case you’re wondering.

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