Mamas Latinas: 9/24-30

Mamas Latinas: 9/24-30

Food & Fiestas

Latin ingredient of the week: Valencia rice (RECIPE)

Hispanic Heritage Month: Brazilian Chocolate Fudge Truffles (RECIPE)

Hispanic Heritage Month: Guatemalan chicken in tomatillo-cilantro sauce (RECIPE)

Hispanic Heritage Month: Ecuadorian fruit salad (RECIPE)

All these food recalls make me scared to open the fridge!

Latin slow cooker recipe: Spicy chicken with black beans & sweet potatoes (RECIPE)

5 Latin beer-infused dishes for National Drink Beer Day (RECIPES)

National Coffee Day: 5 Latin coffee desserts that will blow your mind! (RECIPES)

Hispanic Heritage Month: Cuban bistec de palomilla with white rice & black beans (EXCLUSIVE RECIPE)

Hispanic Heritage Month: Bolivian peppery pork with bananas (RECIPES)

Health & Fitness

Cut your sandwich this way to lose weight!

Are kids going hungry at school due to the new USDA lunch guidelines? (VIDEO)

Woman loses 160 pounds, documents dramatic progress with photos

Woman gets life saving poop transplant from mom

Are “mid-calorie snacks” the answer for weight loss?

In The News

Reddit perverts posting photos of underage girls are facing backlash from users

Latina woman deemed ‘too fat to kill’ is exonerated (VIDEO)

Bullied 13-year-old boy commits suicide in front of classmates (VIDEO)

Woman fakes breast cancer to steal money for a boob job (VIDEO)

Love & Sex

Castration may be the key to longevity for men, but probably won’t catch on

How yoga can make you have better orgasms! (VIDEO)

Women’s masturbation bar in Japan is the best idea EVER!

10 Latin love songs to get you in the mood (VIDEOS)


It’s a boy for Freddie Prinze Jr. & Sarah Michelle Gellar!

‘Mom gene’ may be proof that some of us are born mothers


‘Grey’s Anatomy’ premiere: Who survived the plane crash that already killed Lexie Grey?

‘Glee’ recap: Sarah Jessica Parker shows up as Kurt’s editor at and ROCKS it! (VIDEO)