Mamas Latinas: 7/16-22

Mamas Latinas: 7/16-22

Food & Fiestas

3 Latin corn recipes to enjoy on Corn Fritter Day! (RECIPES)

Airline food even MORE unsafe after needles found in Delta’s sandwiches (VIDEO)

5 Latin-style sandwiches to bring with you on an airplane (RECIPES)

It’s easier to get kids to eat veggies than you think!

Pork cooking tips from Chef Floyd Cardoz, plus how to make the perfect pork tostadas! (RECIPE)

Health & Fitness

Want to know the easy secret to losing 6 pounds?

Is new FDA-approved anti-obesity pill really the safest way to lose weight?

Latina teen gets gastric bypass & loses 120 pounds!

Avoiding exercise is just as deadly as smoking!

Love & Sex

It’s perfectly okay to say vagina in a commercial, people! (VIDEO)

How ’50 Shades of Grey’ changed my love life

Alexa Vega’s divorce just goes to show why you shouldn’t get married young

Are Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith about to get divorced?


Blind Miss Florida USA contestant is an inspiration to all (VIDEO)


Suri Cruise will be learning Spanish in her new NYC school!

Money & Career

Yahoo’s new CEO Marissa Mayer & my abuelita had the same career advice for women!

In The News

5 Reasons my cat could totally be mayor (VIDEO)


Jordana Brewster loves shopping for her ‘Dallas’ character

10 Best dressed Latinas EVER at the Teen Choice Awards (PHOTOS)


Jennifer Lopez’s boyfriend Casper Smart reveals who’s the boss! (VIDEO)

Will William Levy be cast as Christian Grey from ’50 Shades of Grey’? (VIDEO)

Sofia Vergara, Louis C.K. & Bobby Cannavale snag Emmy nominations!

Watch a sneak peek of Pitbull at Premios Juventud 2012 (VIDEO)


7 Beat-the-heat head wraps inspired by Jennifer Lopez! (PHOTOS)

How to get 3 braided styles like the Latina celebs at Premios Juventud (VIDEOS)


Adriana Lima is first pregnant woman featured in exclusive, ultra-glam Pirelli calendar

Is Shakira really finally pregnant?!