Mamas Latinas: 5/21-27

Mamas Latinas: 5/21-27

Food & Fiestas

5 Memorial Day favorites, Latinized (RECIPES)

Latin vegetarian recipe of the day: squash, black bean and goat cheese tamales

Latin vegetarian recipe of the day: grilled chili-lime vegetable tacos with charred pineapple salsa

Latin vegetarian recipe of the day: Potaje de garbanzos (Spanish chickpea stew)

Latin vegetarian recipe of the day: Vegetarian Cuban sandwich

Latin vegetarian recipe of the day: Vegetable Feijoada (Brazilian rice and beans)

Latin vegetarian recipe of the day: 5 vegetable empanadas (VIDEOS)

Latin vegetarian recipe of the day: grilled fruit skewers with island spices and dark rum

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How to get Bérénice Bejo’s pretty pink eyeshadow at Cannes (VIDEO)

Try Salma Hayek’s smoky eye from Cannes this weekend!

Health & Fitness

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Eating junk food at night is the one eating habit the whole world shares

5 “Healthy” foods that really aren’t healthy

Congress says pizza is NOT a vegetable. Moms say, “Duh!”


Which of Hollywood’s hottest leading men just found out he’s Latino? (VIDEO)

Gloria Estefan proves she’s a real Mamá Latina on the ‘Glee’ season finale!

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Why are we obsessed with naked plus-size models?

In The News

Will a Latina finally get the truth out of Casey Anthony?

Etan Patz’s killer may finally be in custody in New York (VIDEO)

Etan Patz case: Latino man confesses to 33-year-old murder of missing boy

Dear Lolo Jones: Comparing being a virgin to training for the Olympics is LAME

Love & Sex

Bar Rafaeli tops Maxim Hot 100 list, but where are the Latinas?

7 Hottest Latino beach bodies in Hollywood!

Man goes to the Dr. & finds out he’s actually a woman!


Transgender Mexican fútbol player boldly defies stereotypes (VIDEO)


Latina mom saves “miracle” baby’s life! (VIDEO)

What would drive a 7-year-old boy to commit suicide?

Money & Career

Would you sell out your coworker?