June 2018 Writer’s Life: Great (full) month back at it! [#yearofwriting]

June 2018 Writer’s Life: Great (full) month back at it! [#yearofwriting]

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Well, I finally had a month that went pretty well! My writing goal since the beginning of the year was to make $5,000 a month and I FINALLY did it. I’m really excited about this, to be honest, because the past couple of months were difficult. I had shoulder surgery in April and May was difficult because I just couldn’t be 100% back to work… So June going really well has been very, very encouraging. Want to know how much I made and what I wrote? Here’s what happened:

How much I made: $5846

A good chunk of my earnings came from my regular job as the part-time News Editor at 21Ninety, and that was great. I also made a nice chunk of money at HipLatina and mitú, where I recently started writing as a regular contributor (yay!). I also was writing for Romper, but decided to not continue due to some time constraints. And finally, my freelance pieces for VICE, Greatist, and Bumble made up the rest.

It was a pretty good month, to be honest, and a nice balance between regular work and a few freelance pieces. I’m coming to a good balance with what I am doing and pretty happy with that, to be honest. It’s sometimes still a struggle, especially when I travel (as I did during the 2nd week of June), but generally pretty good. Here’s hoping I can keep up my over $5k number next month.

I also wanted to quickly tally up how much I made during the first six months of the year… And that magic number is: $25,702. Unfortunately, my earnings by this point in the year should have been $30,000, which means that I am $4298 behind and need to make an extra $716 per month in order to reach my ultimate goal by the end of the year. I did it think month, so can I pull it off again? I hope so!

What was published: 

mitú/Fierce by mitú: 

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