August 2018 Writer’s Life: Worst month of the year [#yearofwriting]

August 2018 Writer’s Life: Worst month of the year [#yearofwriting]

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Well, remember how my June was pretty good and my July was even better? August, unfortunately, pales in comparison. In fact, it’s officially one of my worst months of the year — and that’s all because of the house that my husband and I just bought.

Now, I don’t want to blame everything on the house because, ultimately, I know that it’s a good thing. But the truth of the matter also is that I did not do very well during the whole house renovation-packing-moving process. We moved just over a week ago and I’m still kind of recovering from the chaos of it all. Most of this month was all about house stuff (and house-related stress), so it made it almost impossible to work. Hence, my not making that much money.

How much I made: $2282

In comparison, I made $4,095 more last month (yikes!) and $318 more in February (my other lowest-month this year), which officially makes August my worst income year yet… However, considering that I was still in the midst of physical therapy and was so overwhelmed by house stuff that I could barely think, it’s practically a miracle that I made anything at all.

You’ll see how my income correlates to the amount of writing I got done, though. It’s pretty obvious from my published list, below, that I just didn’t do much. However, I do want to point you towards two pieces that I am particularly proud of: My sexually manipulated essay for them. (which I published back in February and FINALLY saw it live this month!) and my Demi Lovato follow-up essay for Glamour (a piece that was actually commissioned because the editor saw my Marie Claire essay from last month). All in all, despite the financial set backs, I had two pretty huge wins this year. And that’s something to celebrate! Well, along with finally moving into our house, that is.

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