Pandemic Mama Podcast

Pandemic Mama Podcast

There’s no manual on what to expect when you’re expecting in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. Every week, journalist and toddler mom Irina Gonzalez talks with a special guest about having a baby during COVID-19 times. If you’re feeling anxious, scared, or lonely in your parenting journey, Pandemic Mama is the podcast that reminds you that we’re not alone.

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  1. The Birth of a Pandemic Mama with Irina Gonzalez
  2. Welcoming a Third Baby During the Pandemic with Lauren Wellbank
  3. How the Pandemic Changed this Adoption Story with Jesus Triviño
  4. Pregnancy Anxiety During the Pandemic with Kelly Fitzgerald Junco
  5. Embracing the Vulnerability of Black Motherhood with Bre Scullark
  6. Being a Stay-at-Home Mom with a New Baby with Casey
  7. Preparing for Postpartum Anxiety with Twins with Conz Preti
  8. Dealing with the Fourth Trimester in the Pandemic with Jenny
  9. Setting Boundaries as a New Mom with Jacqui Hathaway Levin
  10. A Doctor’s Guide to Being a Pandemic Mama with Dr. Erin Watson
  11. The Grief of Having a Baby During a Pandemic with Kaitlyn
  12. How to Advocate for Yourself in Pregnancy with Carmen Perez
  13. Escaping New York City During the Partner Ban with Hannah Howard
  14. The Long-Term Trauma of Giving Birth Without Your Partner with Elaine
  15. ‘Having It All is Actually Terrible’ with Whit Taylor
  16. A Long, Complicated Fertility Journey with Kristin Diversi
  17. Setting a Family Routine for Survival with Maria Piedrabuena
  18. The Freak-Out Moments Happened Postpartum with Amanda McCracken
  19. The Importance of Size Inclusion in Birth and Postpartum with Emily Goodstein
  20. Meditating for Better Sleep and Stress Relief with Nathalie Walton
  21. Why We All Should Get Pre-Conception Counseling with Blaire Briody
  22. Getting Through Pandemic Parenting Thanks to Therapy with Shamiko Reid
    1. BONUS: What Will Happen to Pandemic Mama When the Pandemic is Over?
  23. Dealing with an Unexpected Pregnancy Abroad During the Pandemic with Jenn Chowdhury
  24. Finding Normal in the Chaos of a Pandemic with a 5th Baby with Nancy Sanchez
  25. How We Parent in the Pandemic One Year Later
  26. The Birth of a Pandemic Papa with Adam
  27. The Grief of Postpartum in the Pandemic with Kelly Fitzgerald Junco
  28. Episode 2.01: The Pandemic Mama Podcast is Back! Here’s What Season 2 is All About
  29. Episode 2.02: Pandemic Parents Reflect on COVID-19, 2 Years Later
  30. Episode 2.03: Navigating Postpartum Body Acceptance with Kelly Fitzgerald Junco

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