Pandemic Mama Podcast

Pandemic Mama Podcast

There’s no manual on what to expect when you’re expecting in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. Every week, journalist and new mom Irina Gonzalez talks with a special guest about having a baby during COVID-19 times. If you’re feeling anxious, scared, or lonely in your parenting journey, Pandemic Mama is the podcast that reminds you that we’re not alone. Have a pandemic parenting story to tell? Take the survey!

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Want to listen ASAP? Check out the full episodes below:

  1. The Birth of a Pandemic Mama with Irina Gonzalez
  2. Welcoming a Third Baby During the Pandemic with Lauren Wellbank
  3. How the Pandemic Changed this Adoption Story with Jesus Triviño
  4. Pregnancy Anxiety During the Pandemic with Kelly Fitzgerald Junco
  5. Embracing the Vulnerability of Black Motherhood with Bre Scullark
  6. Being a Stay-at-Home Mom with a New Baby with Casey
  7. Preparing for Postpartum Anxiety with Twins with Conz Preti
  8. Dealing with the Fourth Trimester in the Pandemic with Jenny
  9. Setting Boundaries as a New Mom with Jacqui Hathaway Levin
  10. A Doctor’s Guide to Being a Pandemic Mama with Dr. Erin Watson
  11. The Grief of Having a Baby During a Pandemic with Kaitlyn

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