Mamas Latinas: 6/4-10


Family drama at Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee? Thank the Spanish cousins

Evelyn Lozada is setting a good example by apologizing for her mistakes

7 Latino celebs who I dream will duet with Tony Bennett (VIDEO)

‘Prometheus’ is the perfect movie for us sci-fi loving Latinas!

“Latina at heart” Bethenny Frankel celebrates the Puerto Rican Day Parade!

5 Best Latino performances at the Tony Awards (VIDEOS)

Ricky Martin seriously ROCKS at the Tony Awards! (VIDEO)


Miss USA isn’t Latina, but she’s still got gorgeous hair!

Man catches on fire after applying sunscreen! (VIDEO)

Zoë Saldana vamps up the CFDA Fashion Awards! (VIDEO)

5 Latino hotties I would put on my nails!

Sofia Vergara gets back together with her man but what did she do with her hair?

In The News

How did a small Mexican town become a hub for sex trafficking?!

Health & Fitness

New study proves that meatless diets can provide 100% of nutritional needs

Disney wants to help your kids get healthier!

How busy moms can fit more exercise in every day

World Health Organization warns against new super gonorrhea strain

Inspirational dad walks 525 miles in honor of son’s suicide after body dysmorphic disorder battle

Want to make more money? Then hit the gym!

Food & Fiestas

5 Latin cheese recipes perfect for National Cheese Day

Bringing back Home Ec class would be GOOD for girls!

Chef Rick Bayless given highest honor for foreigners by Mexican government

Throw a Latin party for the Belmont Stakes (RECIPES)

5 Latin-flavor inspired ice cream favorites!

Money & Career

Paycheck fairness act: Will women finally get paid the same as men?


Learn how to compost like your abuelita did! (VIDEO)

How I made $116 by clearing out my closet!

Decorate your nursery like J.R. Martinez’s baby girl’s room!


Lindsay Lohan was transformed into Liz Taylor by a Latino!


Did a doll really swear at your kid?! (VIDEO)

15 Latino Dads (and their kids!) in honor of Father’s Day (PHOTOS)


Gisele Bündchen faced 42 rejections before she became famous proving you should never give up

Mamas Latinas: 5/28-6/3

Health & Fitness

Sunscreen 101: For your kid’s safety

Abuela was right about those crazy home remedies!

Fatbikini blogger makes me feel better about my body! (VIDEO)

Is Chagas disease the “new AIDS of the Americas”?!

In The News

Miami’s zombie attacker may have been high on bath salts (VIDEO)

Latina wife of Etan Patz killer says she is done with her husband

Bath salt snorting cannibal is nothing to joke about

Why did the Seattle shooter get a gun if his family wasn’t surprised he was violent? (VIDEO)

Is cannibalism seriously a growing trend?

Is the new STARS bill better than the DREAM Act?

Latina valedictorian, Elizabeth Olivas stuck in Mexico, may miss graduation


Is it really the perfect time to buy a home?

How to start a flower garden (VIDEO)


How to get Eva Longoria’s gorgeously contoured cheeks (VIDEO)


Report: Soy milk formula just as good as traditional, but breastfeeding still best

Parents should thank NYC’s Mayor Bloomberg for banning oversized sodas

Why aren’t we encouraging little girls to enter the National Spelling Bee?

Girls really can play any sport boys can, you just have to let them


Latino filmmakers win big at Cannes Film Festival in France

MTV Movie Awards: Best Dressed Latinas of all time

Andy Garcia on working with Eva Longoria (again) in new movie ‘For Greater Glory’ (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)


Inspiring Latina mom proves it’s never too late to get your education

Love & Sex

Why all Latina moms should masturbate!

Food & Fiestas

Celebrate National Donut Day with 5 Latin-style doughnuts (RECIPES)

The Mamás Latinas Ultimate Latin BBQ Grilling Guide (RECIPES)

Mamas Latinas: 5/21-27

Food & Fiestas

5 Memorial Day favorites, Latinized (RECIPES)

Latin vegetarian recipe of the day: squash, black bean and goat cheese tamales

Latin vegetarian recipe of the day: grilled chili-lime vegetable tacos with charred pineapple salsa

Latin vegetarian recipe of the day: Potaje de garbanzos (Spanish chickpea stew)

Latin vegetarian recipe of the day: Vegetarian Cuban sandwich

Latin vegetarian recipe of the day: Vegetable Feijoada (Brazilian rice and beans)

Latin vegetarian recipe of the day: 5 vegetable empanadas (VIDEOS)

Latin vegetarian recipe of the day: grilled fruit skewers with island spices and dark rum

3 Irresistible sangria recipes perfect for Memorial Day


Jenny from ‘Quiero mi baby’ on the stress of planning her daughter’s first birthday party (EXCLUSIVE)


How to get Bérénice Bejo’s pretty pink eyeshadow at Cannes (VIDEO)

Try Salma Hayek’s smoky eye from Cannes this weekend!

Health & Fitness

How can you stop your kid from developing diabetes

Eating junk food at night is the one eating habit the whole world shares

5 “Healthy” foods that really aren’t healthy

Congress says pizza is NOT a vegetable. Moms say, “Duh!”


Which of Hollywood’s hottest leading men just found out he’s Latino? (VIDEO)

Gloria Estefan proves she’s a real Mamá Latina on the ‘Glee’ season finale!

Selena Gomez proves she’s ready for SNL with ’50 Shades’ parody (VIDEO)

Will BET Awards ‘Sportsman of the Year’ go to a Latino?


I love to wear my faja to get an hourglass figure!

These Bridal UGGS make me NEVER want to get married!

Latinas wow us in ultra-feminine look at Cannes (PHOTOS)

Why are we obsessed with naked plus-size models?

In The News

Will a Latina finally get the truth out of Casey Anthony?

Etan Patz’s killer may finally be in custody in New York (VIDEO)

Etan Patz case: Latino man confesses to 33-year-old murder of missing boy

Dear Lolo Jones: Comparing being a virgin to training for the Olympics is LAME

Love & Sex

Bar Rafaeli tops Maxim Hot 100 list, but where are the Latinas?

7 Hottest Latino beach bodies in Hollywood!

Man goes to the Dr. & finds out he’s actually a woman!


Transgender Mexican fútbol player boldly defies stereotypes (VIDEO)


Latina mom saves “miracle” baby’s life! (VIDEO)

What would drive a 7-year-old boy to commit suicide?

Money & Career

Would you sell out your coworker?

Mamas Latinas: 5/14-20


Caroline from ‘Quiero mi baby’ on how breastfeeding helped her lose the baby weight

‘Jersey Shore’ party girl Snooki is becoming a model mom


How to go blonde at any skin tone!

Hot Summer Eye Makeup Trends

5 Hottest hair tips from Cannes Film Festival’s Latino hair stylist to the stars!

In The News

Cruise line ignoring 3 young Latinos stranded at sea terrifies me!

Husband of murdered Latina bride sought by police

Love & Sex

An ode to my IUD

5 Hysterical (and adorable!) wedding dances (VIDEOS)

I love sex (and sleep) on my memory-foam mattress

Health & Fitness

“Bad” food makes you fatter in just 3 HOURS!

6 Things you can do today to be healthy in 20 years

Coffee may help me live longer, but here are 5 reasons I’ll never drink it


Abuelas really CAN do anything!


Donna Summer, inspiration to Selena, dies at 63 (VIDEO)

Even the most beautiful woman in the world has to deal with pregnancy weight

Sara Ramirez survives ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ finale but what’s next for her?

Cameron Diaz embraces her Latina-ness for ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’ (VIDEO)


Eva Longoria at the Cannes Film Festival: Which dress do you love best?

Food & Fiestas

Every Latina’s fave corn on the cob: Elotes! (RECIPE)


5 Latin vegetables to grow in your new garden


New video of Juanes performing some of our favorites (VIDEOS)

Mamas Latinas: 5/7-13

Love & Sex

Your man needs cuddling more than you, research says

5 tips for marrying outside of your culture

‘Chicks of the United States’ is racist & sexist and will make it easier to spot a jerk

Yep, moms use their cell phones during SEX!

In The News

Joe Biden’s stance on gay marriage is good for all Latinos

President Obama (finally!) comes out in support of marriage equality

Bristol Palin is wrong about President Obama being influenced by his daughters

I would never renounce my citizenship for profit like Facebook co-founded Eduardo Saverin

Food & Fiestas

Domino’s new gluten-free pizza is good for Latinos (EXCLUSIVE)

Latina chef Maricel Presilla wins a James Beard Award, the Oscars of the food world

3 Delicious gazpacho recipes perfect for the warm weather (RECIPES)

3 Latin omelets perfect for Mother’s Day brunch (RECIPES)

3 Amazing slow cooker Latin soups (RECIPES)


Jada from ‘Quiero mi baby’ on being pregnant in the US while her husband is stuck in Mexico (EXCLUSIVE)

Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio had a baby boy and his name is…

You’ll be shocked at how many women still drink & smoke while pregnant!


10 things we hope Univision does on their new English-language network

The 5 most outrageous ways birthday girl Rosario Dawson has encouraged you to vote! (VIDEOS)

7 Hot Latino sports dads (PHOTOS)

Spanish actress Elsa Pataky gives birth with husband Chris Hemsworth

Health & Fitness

Start jogging NOW! It’ll make you live 6 years longer!

Why stressing about exercise won’t help you lose weight


8 Latinas shine and sparkle on the Met Gala red carpet


Was Linda Evangelista in mourning at last night’s MET Gala?

Famous fat cat dies: How to talk to your kids about pet death

Cook with your kids and they might just learn something along the way

Flesh-eating disease is exactly why I’d never let my kids on the zip line! (VIDEO)

5 Adorable animal moms & babies to make you go AWW on Mother’s Day (VIDEOS)

Why stealing your kids’ coloring books is a good idea!

Eva Longoria’s 8 best mom moments on ‘Desperate Housewives’ (VIDEOS)


How to rock the new dark lipstick trend like Camilla Belle at the MET Gala

10 Latinas who rocked Vidal Sassoon’s most famous styles: The bob & pixie

4 Ways to get your skin ready for summer


Kids with cancer inspire the world by singing ‘Stronger’ (VIDEO)


Is your IKEA furniture made in Cuba?

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