Mamas Latinas: 8/27-9/2

Food & Fiestas

Happy Banana Lovers Day! Here’s our 5 favorite recipes!

5 Latin sandwiches the kids can take to school! (RECIPES)

Nicole Richie shares the WORST baby shower cake every made! (PHOTO)

‘Top Chef Masters’: Lorena Garcia’s BFF Art Smith heads home! (VIDEO)

5 Latin grill recipes for Labor Day Weekend!

5 Latin recipes to celebrate International Bacon Day!

5 Fun & fizzy Latin end-of-summer cocktails!

Health & Fitness

Stress at work can give you diabetes!

World’s oldest abuelita has the BEST advice for living longer!

This rude doctor refused care for an overweight patient! (VIDEO)

Best news EVER: Shorter workouts equal greater weight loss

The #1 reason your man should be indulging in chocolate too

Can eating less help you live longer?


New mom Snooki gets lots of love from friends & tweets first motherhood moments

5 things that new mom Snooki needs right now! (VIDEO)

Gay man in Brazil gets 4-month maternity leave to care for adopted child!

Love & Sex

Togo women withhold sex for human rights & I think it’s brilliant (VIDEO)

Is it okay to snoop on your hubby’s text messages?

Brazil official approves controversial 3-way love union!


Why I am never going to circumcise my son!


Clothes Swap: 5 Fashions I need to upgrade ASAP

In The News

The 10 funniest botched restoration pictures!

Colombian woman kidnapped as a child reunited with her family 36 years later! (VIDEO)


First female high school quarterback is an inspiration to all girls (VIDEO)


Sofia Vergara finally confirms engagement, wants more babies (VIDEO)

13 Latinos on new Fall TV shows

7 Latinos we can’t wait to see on Fall TV: Comedy

Mamas Latinas: 8/20-26

Food & Fiestas

3 Slow cooker enchilada recipes you’ll love!

‘Top Chef Masters’: Lorena Garcia wins challenge with super-Latin dish! (RECIPE)

Our 5 favorite Latin grill dishes (RECIPES)

How to buy healthy Latin food on a budget

6 Fruity Latin drinks to end your summer right! (RECIPES)

Health & Fitness

Mirror fasts: Could you go a whole day without seeing your reflection?

Heart attack prevention: 8 ways you can stay healthy

In The News

‘Legitimate Rape’ comments are now a song parody (VIDEO)

Woman decapitates 2-year-old son, places head in the freezer (VIDEO)

Disgusting man gropes sleeping woman on the plane & it happens all the time (VIDEO)

Hurricane Isaac: I’m not afraid because I’m well prepared!

Love & Sex

Is Eva Mendes REALLY going to propose to Ryan Gosling?

Would you accept a discount for having a cute butt?

Would you let a photographer into your bedroom after your wedding night?


8 Latinos we’d love to see in Jennifer Lopez’s new TV show (PHOTOS)

America Ferrera shines in amazing new web series! (VIDEO)


5 Fun desk accessories that will make the kids more productive at school!

Mamas Latinas: 8/13-19

Food & Fiestas

9 fun & creative snacks to make with your kids! (RECIPES)

5 Quick breakfasts to get your kids out the door when school starts (RECIPES)

3 Healthy quinoa salads to make you feel great (VIDEOS)

10 MORE creative food tips that will make your life easier!

It’s National Rum Day! Here’s 7 Cocktails to celebrate! (RECIPES)

‘Top Chef Masters’: Lorena Garcia shines in Quickfire challenge

5 chocolate desserts that will lower your blood pressure! (RECIPES)

5 Recipes to celebrate Hot & Spicy Day!

Health & Fitness

Can stress really make you dumber?

Fattest state revealed! 5 Tips to lighten up your meals


Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson arrested after new wife Evelyn Lozada charges domestic violence (VIDEO)

Ryan Lochte to appear on ‘90210’ + 5 other shows he needs to join!

Penelope Cruz in funny new Nintendo commercial + 4 other hilarious Latinas (VIDEOS)


Miley Cyrus’ new short hair shocks + 7 Latinos with dramatic hair changes (PHOTOS)

Christina Aguilera’s new purple hair streaks + 5 Latinas with colorful hair (PHOTOS)

You’ll NEVER guess where this woman agreed to get tattooed! (VIDEO)


Am I the only Latina who loves cats?

7th graders’ sex questions prove parents need to talk about sex sooner

Jessica Alba’s scariest parenting moment inspired The Honest Company

Love & Sex

Evelyn Lozada & Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson: A timeline of their love

Being a good flirt can save you a ton of money!

Kobe Bryant’s Latina wife Vanessa reveals the REAL reason she stayed with the cheater


Jennifer Lopez shows us 10 reasons every Latina should love red (PHOTOS)


Latina teens teach their community how to eat healthy


Scary new trend: Almost half of all pregnant women may suffer from eating disorders

Walnuts can make your man’s sperm healthier!

Snooki throws a super-Latina baby shower! (VIDEO)


How scents can change the way you feel at home

Mamas Latinas: 8/6-12

Food & Fiestas

Happy Birthday Bolivia! 3 Traditional dishes to celebrate (RECIPES)

10 Creative food tips that will make your life easier!

It’s Rice Pudding Day! The absolute best Arroz con Leche EVER (RECIPE)

‘Top Chef Masters’: Chef Lorena Garcia faces elimination

Happy Birthday Ecuador! 3 Traditional dishes to celebrate (RECIPES)

Health & Fitness

10 Ways to keep the weight off

Being honest can make you skinnier!

5 Things Olympians can teach us about nutrition

Pre-Eating before a fiesta will help you lose weight


London Olympics 2012: Gabby Douglas says hair comments are ‘stupid’

Bright-colored eyebrow trend: Hit or miss?

How much is that hairless vagina really worth to you?

Is it crazy to put your man’s face on your nails?

The 10 beauty products you should ALWAYS have on hand

OMG! Javier Bardem goes blond! (PHOTO)


10 Latino baby names that should be popular in 2012

First look at Sofia Vergara’s baby bump! (PHOTO)


8 Latino stars and their adorable pets! (PHOTOS)

A dangerous new strain of swine flu could infect your kids!

Hateful father disowns his gay son in heart-wrenching letter

Antonio Banderas & Melanie Griffith prove family comes first


London Olympics 2012: Félix Sánchez wins gold for his abuelita!

Brave Talia Castellano, 12-year-old cancer patient, inspires us with her beauty (VIDEO)

Love & Sex

Fighting & masturbation: Keys to a successful marriage

Stressed men prefer their woman with a little junk in her trunk


London Olympics 2012: Mexican-American runner Leo Manzano wins silver, makes Latinos proud

The 10 sexiest Latin album covers of all time! (PHOTOS)

In The News

Miami cannibal victim speaks! “He chewed up my face, he plucked out my eyes” (VIDEO)

Bikini wars! Airline’s in-flight beauty pageant causes controversy (VIDEO)


8 Super cute heels that we guarantee you’ll love! (PHOTOS)

Mamas Latinas: 7/30-8/5

Food & Fiestas

3 curry recipes with a Latin twist that can help reduce your risk of diabetes!

12 Olympics-inspired food ideas from Pinterest perfect for your fiesta!

National Watermelon Day: Celebrate with these 5 refreshing treats (RECIPES)

3 Latin-inspired slow cooker seafood recipes

Health & Fitness

Yes, texting while walking WILL kill you

I’m calling BS on this new weight loss perfume

In The News

Teen tweets photo of dying man as “joke”, refuses to call ambulance


4 Latinos nominated for MTV Video Music Awards (VIDEOS)

Ricky Martin is getting his own TV show!

Chef Lorena Garcia falls in the middle as ‘Top Chef: Masters’ take on a wedding in 24 hours

Love & Sex

10 Ways food & sex are the same


New young adult novel’s racist plot pits “Pearls” vs. “Coals”(VIDEO)

How my mom convinced me to get breast implants


Selena Gomez debuts new bangs, plus her 12 best hair styles ever! (PHOTOS)

8 DIY beauty tips from Mamás Latinas



Christina Aguilera takes us behind the scenes of World Hunger PSA (VIDEO)


10 Kitchen tools I can’t live without

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