Mamas Latinas: 7/23-29

Food & Fiestas

Cubans honor Hemingway with huge daiquiri + 5 amazing recipes

5 Tequila cocktails to celebrate National Tequila Day! (RECIPES)

Did you know that the Caesar salad is Mexican? (RECIPES)

11 Delicious Latin food blogs you need to follow! (PHOTOS)

Health & Fitness

“Sexy & I Know It” is #1 workout song, here are 10 more songs to sweat to (VIDEOS)

Would you try the new Korean shake weight for your butt? (VIDEO)

Kirstie Alley sued by angry customer who was not losing enough weight

The worst dieting advice you’ll ever hear is…


How to get Demi Lovato’s high ponytail from the Teen Choice Awards (VIDEO)

Want to find out how to get a “facelift” for just $25? Read on! (VIDEO)

10 Coolest nail art designs EVER (PHOTOS)


Sofia Vergara is going to get animated!

Victoria Justice sings Maroon 5 medley with Max Schneider (VIDEO)

Juanes performance to highlight impact of HIV/AIDS in Latin community

Alexa Vega’s divorce is bringing out her wild child! (PHOTOS)

5 Latin celebs caught in nude photo scandals (PHOTOS)


Latina single mom achieves her Broadway dreams with ‘Ghost’ the musical (VIDEO)


Distance means nothing when it comes to family


Mario Lopez on set (with his family!) for underwear shoot (PHOTOS)

5 summer scarves inspired by Selena Gomez! (PHOTOS)


One Direction gets pranked by a pregnancy + 4 Latinos who gave us a chuckle (VIDEOS)

Dominican teen denied life-saving chemotherapy because she’s pregnant–but she can’t get an abortion either!

Love & Sex

Is Jennifer Lopez’s boyfriend Casper Smart stepping out on her?

It’s confirmed: Your guy friend probably wants to get in your pants!

Mamas Latinas: 7/16-22

Food & Fiestas

3 Latin corn recipes to enjoy on Corn Fritter Day! (RECIPES)

Airline food even MORE unsafe after needles found in Delta’s sandwiches (VIDEO)

5 Latin-style sandwiches to bring with you on an airplane (RECIPES)

It’s easier to get kids to eat veggies than you think!

Pork cooking tips from Chef Floyd Cardoz, plus how to make the perfect pork tostadas! (RECIPE)

Health & Fitness

Want to know the easy secret to losing 6 pounds?

Is new FDA-approved anti-obesity pill really the safest way to lose weight?

Latina teen gets gastric bypass & loses 120 pounds!

Avoiding exercise is just as deadly as smoking!

Love & Sex

It’s perfectly okay to say vagina in a commercial, people! (VIDEO)

How ’50 Shades of Grey’ changed my love life

Alexa Vega’s divorce just goes to show why you shouldn’t get married young

Are Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith about to get divorced?


Blind Miss Florida USA contestant is an inspiration to all (VIDEO)


Suri Cruise will be learning Spanish in her new NYC school!

Money & Career

Yahoo’s new CEO Marissa Mayer & my abuelita had the same career advice for women!

In The News

5 Reasons my cat could totally be mayor (VIDEO)


Jordana Brewster loves shopping for her ‘Dallas’ character

10 Best dressed Latinas EVER at the Teen Choice Awards (PHOTOS)


Jennifer Lopez’s boyfriend Casper Smart reveals who’s the boss! (VIDEO)

Will William Levy be cast as Christian Grey from ’50 Shades of Grey’? (VIDEO)

Sofia Vergara, Louis C.K. & Bobby Cannavale snag Emmy nominations!

Watch a sneak peek of Pitbull at Premios Juventud 2012 (VIDEO)


7 Beat-the-heat head wraps inspired by Jennifer Lopez! (PHOTOS)

How to get 3 braided styles like the Latina celebs at Premios Juventud (VIDEOS)


Adriana Lima is first pregnant woman featured in exclusive, ultra-glam Pirelli calendar

Is Shakira really finally pregnant?!

Mamas Latinas: 7/9-15

Food & Fiestas

Huge meat recall: How to keep your family safe from beef & chicken products

How to make a dulce de leche ice cream float (RECIPE + VIDEO)

5 Latin low-calorie desserts to beat the summer heat

The super easy, 1-minute trick proven to help you lose weight!

Would you buy a genetically modified apple that didn’t brown?

Health & Fitness

Kate Upton is NOT a fatty

Stop fighting with your family over food!

The world’s largest real breasts weigh in at 85 lbs! (VIDEO)

Family bands together & loses over 200 pounds!


A jet-ski accident leaves Usher’s stepson brain dead & I can’t imagine the mother’s pain

5 Fun activities with the kids when cable isn’t working

Pedophile selling kiddy porn at Wendy’s drive-through proves sickos will do anything for a fix


How to get blunt cut bangs like Salma Hayek in ‘Savages’ (VIDEO)

Dear Alessandra Ambrosio: Please don’t dye your dog!

Birthday girl Sofia Vergara’s 5 best updo’s & how you can get them!

How to show off your summer glow! (VIDEO)

5 Beauty products that flatter every Latina!

I’d totally give this panhandler money for bigger boobs! (VIDEO)

In The News

Did you ever think your neighbor’s python might eat your baby?

Could your pet store fish actually be the testicle-eating pacu?


I would never go braless, not even on National No Bra Day!

5 Amazing cross-body bags inspired by Zoë Saldana’s summer style! (PHOTOS)

Alec Baldwin’s Latina wife wears backless wedding dress and a mantilla! (PHOTOS)


Watch Cookie Monster’s hilarious spoof of “Call Me Maybe” (VIDEO)

Who knew U.S. Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte was Latino?! (VIDEO)

Jessica Alba & 7 Latino stars having fun on vacation (PHOTOS)

12 Latino celebs who voiced your favorite animated movies

Love & Sex

Breaking News: Sofia Vergara is ENGAGED!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ star Sara Ramirez is married!

World’s largest woman loses almost 100 pounds with SEX marathons!

Yikes! The 5 scariest sex toys, ever!


5 Ways to use old toys to decorate your home (CRAFTS)

Mamas Latinas: 7/2-8

Food & Fiestas

Meatless Mondays: Lessons from my vegetarian cooking class, pt. 4

3 Delicious slow cooker bean dishes (RECIPES)

3 Latin recipes to celebrate Fried Chicken Day! (RECIPES)

Health & Fitness

5 Grilling mistakes that are bad for your health

3 Ways to stay safe (and cool) in this never-ending heat wave


I’m the bridge between Latin America & the United States in my family

Gloria Estefan says the best part of being an abuelita is the payback!

Meet the 9-year-old college student! (VIDEO)

90’s toy Furby is back and I hope he’ll be bilingual!

Should your kids really be taking vitamins?


Jennifer Lopez performs “On the Floor” in South America (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

5 Things to love about Salma Hayek in ‘Savages’

Love & Sex

NFL star Chad Ochocinco live tweets wedding to reality star Evelyn Lozada (PHOTOS)

Is Eva Longoria dating Mark Sanchez?!

The 5 Latina celebs with the biggest rocks on the block! (PHOTOS)


Newlyweds Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves expecting baby #3!


10 Ways to get Eva Mendes’ retro chic look!

Now you can buy Cinderella’s gorgeous heels!


7 Latina celeb looks I’d pre-order at a salon (PHOTOS)

Mamas Latinas: 6/25-7/1

Food & Fiestas

Meatless Mondays: Lessons from my vegetarian cooking class, pt. 3

8 Healthy Latin-flavored road trip snacks the whole family will love

Slow cooker chipotle beef & bean stew (EXCLUSIVE RECIPE)

3 Latin desserts perfect for the grill

5 Latin low-calorie summer cocktails

5 Easy Latin foods for July 4th! (RECIPES)

Health & Fitness

How to pick a diet to burn the most calories

How Paula Deen lost 30 pounds after diabetes diagnosis!

Supreme Court approves ‘Obamacare’ and that is great news for Latinos!

Could you not eat for 12 hours to burn more fat?

Love & Sex

Jenny McCarthy’s ‘Playboy’ photo inspires the MILF in every mom!

Would you take your husband to Hooters or any other “breastaurant”?


Why I love Crayola’s new nail polishes!

How to get Salma Hayek’s gorgeous beach waves! (VIDEO)


How Nora Ephron helped me bond with my mother and taught us English

‘Dora the Explorer’ gets her own hilarious movie spoof! (VIDEO)


64-year-old abuelita rocks an incredible, inspirational body! (VIDEO)


5 Fun summer crafts to do with kids

In The News

Miami cannibal was NOT high on bath salts! (VIDEO)

This ‘Playboy’ Playmate getting a genius visa is ridiculous


Meet Alessandra Ambrosio’s new baby boy, Noah! (PHOTOS)

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